Thursday, January 14, 2010

Faithful Slots CES 2010

I had the wonderful opportunity to work the CES 2010 trade show. It was a great opportunity since I was able to see a little different type of work. Nikon does not do an exhibition show which means they do not have every piece of equipment on display. They also do not release anything new during that show. We had quite a few customers who wanted to see the latest announcement, which is hard to show since they was none. It was great being able to see the mass market side of the business and also hear about the show. I would have loved to seen the rest of the show, but I was too busy with our own location. I heard that Microsoft was a site to see.
My trip was not full of pictures since the show did not get over until after twilight; however, I was able to shoot with Jason Stewart on the last day of the show and I got some great examples for my video segment.
My most memorable shot came as I was sitting in the airport waiting for my plane. If you have never been to Vegas you can gamble until they make the final boarding call. As this shot shows there were plenty of slots, but not a lot of players. I truly love the shot since it depicts a merging of beliefs. It was shot with a Coolpix S640 so I would not draw attention to myself. I hope you enjoy.

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