Wednesday, February 17, 2010

A Snow Week in McDonough

Well the weather people predicted about three inches of snow last weekend, and they were correct. We received the most snow I have seen in the south for the past four years. The sad part is that I made the best snowman I have ever made here in the south. I grew up in Wyoming and went to high school and college in Idaho. We have lived in Utah and I have to come to GA to make the best snowman in my career. I am sure I had a pretty sweet snowman when I was young, but Craig, Kimm, and Trent were mainly the architects on the project. Another disappointing part about the build is that the snowman did not last until dinner. The temperature shot up and the snow man fell over. I really liked watching the snow man shrink. Now it is just cold with no snow, or snowman.
I did capture some of the beauty that our Father did bestow upon us for a brief moment in this dirty and corrupt era of America. Maybe the pure white snow that fell here and DC can send a message to those running us into the ground. I love America and appreciate those who server locally and abroad for our protection. Thank you and God bless America!


Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nikon School Capture NX 2 Class

I had a wonderful opportunity in my career last weekend. I am a major advocate for the software that Nikon created called Capture NX2. I have been using it since it's conception, and I love to demonstrate how the program works. It allows me the opportunity to let more people edit their images faster and more effective. I had the opportunity to teach a Nikon School seminar here in Atlanta to a crowd of 100 people. Most of the people were happy, and when you get a large crowd there will always be a few that were not satisfied with the seminar. I have received a lot more very satisfied then unsatisfied emails, in fact I have only received one unsatisfied comment on the seminar. I really appreciate those that attended the class, and I love to here the things that I can improve. I am not a perfect presenter and I have a lot of places to improve my abilities. I think that is why I love to do seminars, because I can always get better. If I was ever perfect at something I think I would get a little bored. Progress is what keeps me going and working. Thank you Ellen, Mike, Frank, Victor, Michael, and Nikon for giving me this opportunity.


If you would like to see Capture NX2 Tutorials please use the address below

Monday, February 1, 2010

Ropes from Seaworld

I had the opportunity to work at Nikon School over the weekend. The Nikon School in Orlando is held at the Seaworld resort. There is an area with a sea theme and props. The whole area is roped with this style of rope. One of my favorite shots from Bill Fortney is a shot of some worn rope. When I was sitting between breaks I noticed this rope and decided to photograph it. I used the D300s set to a custom Picture Control Setting called Film Contrast. Starting point was Vivid, with the addition of one stop of contrast, minus one stop of brightness, and I added two stops of sharpening. I straightened the image in NX 2. and then re-sized it.
During the seminar I saw plenty of opportunities to shoot and realized that all you really need is a camera and some time. With a camera and time you can let your artistic nature flow and get some great images.