Monday, February 1, 2010

Ropes from Seaworld

I had the opportunity to work at Nikon School over the weekend. The Nikon School in Orlando is held at the Seaworld resort. There is an area with a sea theme and props. The whole area is roped with this style of rope. One of my favorite shots from Bill Fortney is a shot of some worn rope. When I was sitting between breaks I noticed this rope and decided to photograph it. I used the D300s set to a custom Picture Control Setting called Film Contrast. Starting point was Vivid, with the addition of one stop of contrast, minus one stop of brightness, and I added two stops of sharpening. I straightened the image in NX 2. and then re-sized it.
During the seminar I saw plenty of opportunities to shoot and realized that all you really need is a camera and some time. With a camera and time you can let your artistic nature flow and get some great images.


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