Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Nikon School Capture NX 2 Class

I had a wonderful opportunity in my career last weekend. I am a major advocate for the software that Nikon created called Capture NX2. I have been using it since it's conception, and I love to demonstrate how the program works. It allows me the opportunity to let more people edit their images faster and more effective. I had the opportunity to teach a Nikon School seminar here in Atlanta to a crowd of 100 people. Most of the people were happy, and when you get a large crowd there will always be a few that were not satisfied with the seminar. I have received a lot more very satisfied then unsatisfied emails, in fact I have only received one unsatisfied comment on the seminar. I really appreciate those that attended the class, and I love to here the things that I can improve. I am not a perfect presenter and I have a lot of places to improve my abilities. I think that is why I love to do seminars, because I can always get better. If I was ever perfect at something I think I would get a little bored. Progress is what keeps me going and working. Thank you Ellen, Mike, Frank, Victor, Michael, and Nikon for giving me this opportunity.


If you would like to see Capture NX2 Tutorials please use the address below


  1. You are amazing babe and I wish I could have been there for the capture NX class. I need my own lesson at home. Maybe you could show me how to do some of the easier stuff this weekend. Love ya!!

  2. I wanted to post this comment under your video about color control points, but because of Korea's "real name" laws, I couldn't. My email is eddie_provencher at hotmail. If there is another way that you prefer me to contact you, please let me know.

    How does creating a color control point protect an area from another color control point? Why don't two overlapping color control points effect each other?

    I'm a budding travel writer and photographer. Thanks for your time!!/pages/Korea-Destinations/289468811215?ref=mf

  3. Hi, do you have any tips re whitening teeth in Capture NX? I couln't see a tutorial on this. Thanks, Leigh

  4. Thanks for the YouTube Video Tutorials... Very Nice and helpful.

    Did anyone Video Tape your class? I would love to see it if possible.