Thursday, December 10, 2009

Shooting Through the Year

I have a wonderful opportunity to shoot many different locations. Whether I am shooting in DC or New Orleans I have always found that it is important to remember the basics. Many times during my shooting events I will get caught up in the area I am shooting and forget to look for detail and notice my background. I then look at the images just before that realization and they are not as good as they could have been. The basics are what make photographs exceptional.
I have also had the wonderful opportunity to sit through seminars by some of the greats, such as Bill Fortney, Bill Lea, Joe McNally, and Bob Krist. I learn something new every time.
As my year is coming to an end I think back on the wonderful opportunities that I have had, and hope for another year of fantastic photos.
This is the beginning of my Web Logs and I hope those that read them will find them enjoyable and entertaining.


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